Solution Of Magnetic

Strong Magnets is a worldwide magnets producer and provider of magnetic assemblies and equipment with ISO9001 and CE certification. Our products:

Permanent Magnets

Strong Magnets is able to supply almost all kinds of permanent magnets of various grades commercially, wide range of remanence (the strength of the magnetic field), coercivity (resistance to being demagnetized), and energy product (density of magnetic energy), they are divided into the following six categories...
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Pot Magnets

Pot Magnet is made by the combination of Neodymium magnet, embedded in a steel pot, with countersunk, or hook, or threaded stem for high attraction strength. If the required attraction strength is lower, ferrite magnet could be used as alternate ...
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Magnetic Coupling

MAGNETIC COUPLING is a new kind of coupling, which connects the prime motor and the working machine by permanent magnetic force. Magnetic coupling conveys the mechanical energy by the interaction of the rare-earth permanent magnet, so direct mechanical connection is not needed. ...
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Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets are mainly used to fasten or hold iron workpieces during lifting or handling operation. It is able to hold the iron plate and cylindrical steel durably and firmly during moving, which is widely used as hoist devices in factories ...
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Magnetic Separator

We supply the magnetic separator under the range from simple construction to high gradient one, which covers the wide application in ceramics, hemicals, pharmacy, food, plastic, rubber, dyestuff, mining, environmental protection, and etc. We divided our products into following three segments ...
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Shanghai Strong Magnets, Headquarters and manufactory, located in Shanghai, grouping of professional talents in management, marketing phase teams, and technical support group to offer our best products and service to our clients. Relying on the international company network for years, PRC Headquarters, Branches of India and Poland, Strong Magnets has achieved around 1,500mt sales volume of magnets per year, and this number keeps in growing.

Strong Magnets Globally

Strong Magnets sp. z o.o., Polish branch of Strong Magnets, was grand opening in 2014. We are located at Warsaw.

A 300m2 warehouse in Poland is available for us to support our CSC solution to clients:

  • Competitive price: Strong Magnets is a Chinese based magnets producer (Shanghai Strong Magnets).
  • Short lead time: Our offices and warehouses in Shanghai, India, Poland (Strong Magnets sp. z o.o.), supplying products in stock basis for sustained cooperation.
  • Comprehensive technical support: From design, produce to install and apply, our professional engineer team will be your strong support.
For smooth comunication, our group gathers the personnel with native speaking of Polish, French, English, and Mandarin. You are always welcomed to contact us and we sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relation with your esteemed company.

What does the production of magnets look like: