Iron Separator

  • Magnetic Bar
  • Magnetic Plate: Flush Face Magnetic Plate, Exposed Pole Magnetic Plate, Spout Magnetic Plate, Suspended Magnetic Plate
  • Magnetic Grid: Normal Square/Round/Baffles Model, Ease-Clean Model
  • Magnetic Drawer: Normal Magnetic Drawer, Easy-cleaning Magnetic Drawer

Magnetic Bar

Magnetic Bar provides effective means removing ferrous chips and metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. They are the main part of different magnetic grid separators.

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Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate can remove tramp iron such as Bolts, Nuts, Bits of Wire, Nails and other casual impurities from free flowing materials, like gravel, corn, sugar, plastic, flour and other granular materials in the conveying course.

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Magnetic Grid

Magnetic Grid is installed or simply laid-inside of hoppers, housings, and bins to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects. They are built for low-abrasion materials.

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Magnetic Drawer

Magnetic Drawer is designed for efficient fine iron and ferromagnetic contamination removing from a range of dry free flowing powdery, scrap, granule product such as sugar, grain, tea, etc. They are widely used in field of ceramics, chemicals, pharmacy, food, plastic, rubber, dyestuff, mining, environmental protection, etc.

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